Resounding Success at the First Edition of the Stem Women Congress in Milan

2024MilanSWC Milan 2024

The first edition of the Stem Women Congress, held in Milan on May 28th, has been an overwhelming success. This event, originated in Barcelona and brought to Italy by FMA Hub, Orange Media Group, and Women at Business, gathered more than thirty companies and institutions along with the Municipality of Milan. During the congress, as is customary in all SWC congresses, various trajectories and projects promoting the inclusion of women in STEM professions were presented.

Alessia Cappello, Councilor for Economic Development and Labor Policies of the Municipality of Milan, highlighted the importance of gender equality in the labor market, emphasizing that gender parity could increase the GDP by 13 points. Claudia Segre, Co-president of the W7, stressed the need to continue combating stereotypes and promoting the professional independence of women.

The congress featured the participation of prominent figures in the STEM field, such as Francesca Meriggi, Group Information Director at Engineering, and Roberta Busticchi, CEO of Siemens Healthineers. Challenges and opportunities in artificial intelligence were also discussed, and innovative projects from companies like ATM and Edison were presented.

Round tables allowed young STEM students to interact with leaders and role models, reinforcing the message that family and educational support is crucial from an early age.

The Stem Women Congress has demonstrated that innovation and business success depend on inclusion and collaboration between the public and private sectors.

The future of STEM is inclusive, and this congress has made it clear that gender equality in these areas is essential for progress and innovation.


9:30 h Eva Díaz, CEO & Co-Founder of STEM WOMEN CONGRESS

9:35 h Alessia Cappello, Councillor for Economic Development and Labour Policies of the Municipality of Milan

9:50 h Claudia Segre, Co-Chair W7 Global President Thinking Foundation

10:05 h Mar Porras, Global President STEM WOMEN Association
Clara Lapiedra, Global Entrepreneurship Manager STEM Women Association

10:10 h Istat – Istat and Official Statistics STEM data
Patrizia Collesi, Istat’s development activities for statistical culture
Paola Muccitelli, Knowing the STEM paths: the sources
Donatella Grassi, Video contribution

10:20 h Ipsos –  Women and STEM, the self-fulfilling prophecy?
Nicoletta Vaira,
 Director Qualitative Department
Barbara Toci, Research Executive – Public Affairs


10:30 h ENG – STEM from passion to profession
Francesca Meriggi, Group Chief Information Officer

10:45 h ATM – ATM #nonfadifference: challenges for a new work culture
Patrizia Samoggia,
 AFC Director
Federica Di Lorenzo, Head of Real Estate Structures
Rolling Stock Maintenance and Engineering Directorate

11:00 h EDISON – 140 Years of Innovation: Edison’s commitment to STEM for a sustainable future
Laura Giboli, Development Manager for Small Hydroelectric Derivations

11:15 h FOCACCIA GROUP Automotive – Overcoming barriers by imagining the future
Teresa Napolitano,
 HR Director


11:45 h PANEL AI – AI in action: skills and synergies for the future
Moderated by Chiara Trombetta, StartupItalia
Emanuele Gualandri, Operations Director Soldo
Michele Crisci, President & managing director Volvo Car Italia
Patrizia Palazzi, Strategic Sales Consultant and DE&I Manager Siemens Healthcare Srl.
Claudia di Stefano, Principal Client Engineering manager IBM
Lucia Scopelliti, Director of the Work and Training Area of ​​the Municipality of Milan
Emanuele Cacciatore, Director Offering, Innovation & Deal Management Engineering

12:30 h AUTOSTRADE – ADN kronos interviews Gruppo Autostrade, two young STEM Women
 Giulia Tabanella, COES/CDV Standard Traffic Monitoring, ASPI
Gabriella Lotito, Project Manager, ASPI (no slide), Interview Luca Crecchi, ADN Kronos

12:45 h SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS – False STEM myths: is it true that women are more gifted in the humanities? Roberta Busticchi tells her story as a STEM woman
Roberta Busticchi, AD

13:00 h In conversation with… – Innovating for impact: How STEM skills can change the world
Moderated by Monica Peruzzi, SkyTg24
Filomena Floriana Ferrara, CSR Manager, Social Impact Programs IBM Italy & IBM Master Inventor
Micol Spital, Robotics Researcher at the Polytechnic University of Milan

13:25 h INNOVATION PANEL –  Innovation and skills: the state of the art in Italy between institutions and businesses, in the dialogue between public and private
Moderated by Fabio Sottocornola, Corriere Innovazione
Eleonora Santi, Director external affairs Philip Morris International
Stefania Pagliara, Prof. Physics Catholic University Gender Equality Plan Team
Mirta Michilli, General Director of the Digital World Foundation
Ippolita Chiarolini, Councilor of the National Council of Engineers
Alessia Cappello, Councilor for Economic Development and Labor Policies Municipality of Milan
Anna Carmassi, Advisory Board Leader Let’s steamiamoci

14:15 h The Rock Star of Physics
Gabriella Greison

14:25 h In conversation with… – Girls and the world of coding
Moderated by Monica Peruzzi, SkyTg24
Cecilia Stajano, Digital World Foundation
Silvia Salini, Professor of Statistics UniMi

14:45 h GI GROUP – Women4: the energy of  “ideas” between skills and passions
Cristina Reduzzi, Division Manager Industrial Machinery & Industry 4.0
Mariella Gioia, Executive Director HR Flamma Group

15:00 h ERION – Ecological transition and training, the CERES project
Irene Pellucchi, Strategic Development and Innovation Exper

15:10 h IMCD Italia – BDC SCHOOL – Women and STEM, projects and people, IMCD Stem Lab
Bendetta Cairoli,
 Sustainability Manager
Cristina Vergani, Application Technologist
Milena Valentini, Sales & Product Manager IMCD Italy

15:25 h Liceo Tred
Laura Russo, Development Manager for the “School-Business System” area & ELIS orientation        

15:40 h Technological culture, creative professions, artisanal entrepreneurship
Margherita Pillan, Full Professor of Design, Polytechnic of Milan, Vice President of the Women’s Inter-Associative Council of Milan

15:50 h ETF European Training Foundation – Innovative STEAM education: the experience of ETF New Learning Club STEAM
Ermina Martini, Project Officer

16:00 h PANEL GIOVANI – We give a voice to young people with skills
Moderated by Monica Peruzzi, SkyTg24
Irene Pomarico, AIxGirls
Iris Ilaqua,
 Meccatronica CFP A.Grandi
Chiara Mancarella, 
IBM Nerd Project
Maria Olimpia Botteri,
 Liceo Tred
Irene Cortinovis, 
Mentorship Milan  
Alice Pisano, 
Osserva Laboro

16:45 h Women at Business
Laura Basili, Founder

17:00 h The Physics we Like
Prof Vincenzo Schettini