What is being done to motivate female talent in the STEM field in the world?

InovaRia- Rede de Inovação em Aveiro (Tech@School)

It is a non-profit entity whose objective is the creation and consolidation of a cluster in the area of Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies, with a special focus on telecommunications, focused on the Aveiro Region.

Inova-Ria aggregates and empowers its associates and the surrounding community by creating synergies that promote technological development, knowledge and economic growth.

It is an entity that interconnects companies, teaching and research and development institutions, regardless of their size or maturity. From the heterogeneity of this aggregation of contexts of action, opportunities for innovation arise associated with digital transformation and disruptive strategies of collaboration and competitiveness.

The network of associates represents the driving force and goal of the objectives set by Inova-Ria within the framework of its mission. New objectives and perspectives linked to the information, communication and electronic technologies sector, TICE, are drawn from the collaborative dynamic, in a cycle that Inova-Ria preserves continuous, prosperous and dynamic.


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