What is being done to motivate female talent in the STEM field in the world?

Mulheres Incomuns

The initiative and registered trademark “Mulheres Incomuns” is integrated into the Pista Mágica Association, a non-profit association, recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO) that believes in the vast potential of volunteerism and active citizenship as paths to the transformation of society.
It results from the vision of 3 women, 3 volunteers – Luisa, Susana and Vera – who, believing in a world where all women can freely express their uniqueness, know that action is necessary for this to happen.

The mission of the “Unusual Women” initiative is, precisely, to create a community of celebration of female success, open to the entire society, giving visibility to women so that they can inspire others to believe in a more equitable world with opportunities for all and thus promote change. Inspiration and ambition are needed to contribute so that women can develop the confidence that allows them to find their space and build their path.

This initiative, closely aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, believes that women need allies who know their trajectory and the impact they have on society, giving visibility to their transformative potential and capacity for initiative.


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