What is being done to motivate female talent in the STEM field in the world?

Portuguese Women’s Equality Observatory

This project aims to create a permanent repository, in the form of an Observatory, scientifically validated and based on evidence that aims to inform stakeholders, and especially women, about the state of equality.

Their study intends to contribute to assessing the pulse of gender equality in corporate Portugal with an ongoing scientifically validated approach of female aspirations and concerns at various levels of the corporate ladder.
The women’s (in)equality in businesses has attracted significant attention. Women remain underrepresented and underpaid at various levels of organizations and face serious challenges to advancements.

Taking a broader scope, the goal is to create a scientifically validated and evidence-based ongoing repository of Observatory that would inform stakeholders and, most importantly, women on the current state of women’s equality in Portuguese businesses.

The proposed approach is central to building the necessary bulwark to improve social and institutional cognitions surrounding this critical issue for Portugal. To that end, we propose a publicly available Observatory that will provide ongoing survey data of participants—college graduates, entry level, mid-level and board members from listed large firms to large and medium unlisted firms—in understanding their career concerns and aspirations.


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National Center for Women & Information Technology
PWN – Portuguese Women Network