Ana Gabriela Valdiviezo Black

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Electronic Engineer


English and Spanish

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Quito, Pichincha

She is Founder and Director of the Observatory for the Digital Transformation of Ecuador, from this space she promotes the following programs and projects:
1. Girls and Women that makes women visible in STEAM, promotes the inclusion of girls and young people in STEAM careers and democratizes technology in girls from an early age.
2. Community Networks for Education Project, through which they provide connectivity from donated and recycled equipment to girls, boys and young people in rural areas to promote their right to education and their digital inclusion. With this project she has connected to 9 extremely rural communities, benefiting at least 80 girls from these communities. The project won the global Information Society Awards competition WSIS Prize 2021, organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
3. DigitalMentes is a digital science and technology dissemination program, in which new technologies and their impact on society are discussed on digital platforms and in-person forums.
4. Building Digital Society is a participatory space from which civil society proposes public policy projects, revision of laws, regulations or reforms to current regulatory bodies that allow the development of digital transformation in Ecuador.
5. Made Ecuador Visible, a project carried out in school classrooms with girls and boys to break stereotypes in STEAM. She has created the National ICT Girls and Women Forum in Ecuador, which is a space for visualization and strengthening of identity, where girls and women who have ventured into STEAM careers share their experiences and experiences.
He has been a speaker and lecturer before International Telecommunications and ICT Organizations on topics of broadband massification, eradication of gaps associated with technology and digital inclusion, gender gap in STEM in official meetings, forums, panels and committees of various national organizations. and international organizations such as the ITU, OAS, UN, European Union, ECLAC, CAF, CAN, IDB, LACNIC, organizations promoting women's equality, STEM women's forums and she is a TEDx speaker on issues of promotion of girls and women in STEM.


He has 19 years of experience developed in Ecuador and Spain, in the creation, planning and implementation of public policies and national plans for democratization, inclusion and innovation in technology, security and national and international regulation of the Telecommunications and ICT sector. From these spaces he has promoted policies and programs to eradicate the gaps associated with technology, especially the gender gap.
She works as an Advisor and Consultant at a national and international level on issues of eradicating gaps associated with technology, Digital Transformation, Digital Inclusion, Digital Government, Transparency and Open Data.
She participates as a reviewer of scientific articles, is a Trainer for CEABAD specialized courses and is a Member of OWSD (Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World) of UNESCO.
Observatory for Digital Transformation Ecuador, Las STEMinistas,

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