Anne Martel

Knowledge Area





English, French and Spanish

Geographic Scope

Barcelona, Catalonia

She participates in a wide variety of STEM projects, based on technological platforms (e-commerce and other digital platforms, CRM, ERP, digital marketing). He is currently participating in SAP, Sales Force and SAP Commerce implementations.
She has participated as an attendee, but would be open to participating as a panelist or speaker. She has been interviewed several times.


She is a STEM native, has a degree in Physics, and has been working in the technology space for over 20 years. She specializes in digital B2B, managing platforms, teams, projects and budgets.

She is passionate about using technology efficiently and accessible. Usability and data-driven results are its main motivators. With international experience in B2B environments, her natural habitat lies at the intersection of technical, creative and purely commercial teams.

She has experience leading complex, intercultural and remote teams; successfully manage suppliers, projects and budgets; exert pressure to achieve internal acceptance; and communicate and present plans and results.

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