Gemma Rius

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Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Japanese

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Nanoinventum, InspiraSTEAM, ACCC Gender Perspective Group


Graduated in Physics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she combined her work as a nanolithography engineer at the National Center for Microelectronics (IMB-CNM-CSIC) of Barcelona, with her doctoral thesis on nanofabrication and integration of electronic and mechanical devices based on nanostructures. carbon and silicon. In her 7 years as a post-doctoral researcher in Japan, she conducted her research at Tohoku University (Sendai), at the Toyota Institute of Technology (Nagoya), and at the Nagoya Institute of Technology, where she served as an assistant professor for more than 3 years. Since December 2015, Gemma Rius rejoined the IMB-CNM-CSIC as a Marie Curie postdoctoral researcher, first, and currently as a Ramon y Cajal researcher. Recently, she has obtained a position as a Senior Scientist at the CSIC. She continues with the challenge of manufacturing nanometric structures in graphene or their integration in microtechnologies, for the development of operational devices and functional structures, useful in applications for space, high energy or biomedicine. Currently she directs her new developments to the advancement of quantum technologies, such as manufacturing chips for future quantum computers, based on superconducting, or hybrid, devices and circuits.

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