Helena Grau Font

Knowledge Area



Business management software development


Spanish, Catalan and English

Geographic Scope


Mentor in Program Technovation Challenge - girls for a Change.
Finalist of the Womenalia Start-up Day by ONO and Panel on Diversity and Tech at the KPMG Management Meeting.
CPO in SW company.


She is a senior engineer in Telecommunications and an MBA. She is passionate about digitalization, the Internet and a lover of things well done. She never stops learning with her team and, especially, with her three children.

She began her professional career in strategic Internet consulting and joined the Telematel Group in 2002 as head of the Distribution Channel. She specialized in the sales area until assuming the Commercial Management of the group in 2008.

In 2012 she launched the digital catalog, which today has more than 80,000 registered professional users. They were pioneers in Transformation and Digital Marketing for the construction materials sector.

For 8 years she led the Content Business Unit of Telematel. She was responsible for the digital data bank, with more than 6 million products with enriched information, and content management services. She also executes PIM implementation projects, product information enrichment or content syndication.

At the end of 2018 they launched GO!catalog, the new version of the Telematel Data Bank. Information on +6M products from +1,000 brands in a cloud environment, with a single format. In addition, enriched with images, product descriptions, technical characteristics, ETIM, packaging and technical documentation, updated rates…

Today, after leading the sale and integration of the company into the Valsoft Corporation ecosystem, she leads the Telematel product area. There she develops new products aimed at facilitating the day-to-day life of different areas of the industrial and construction materials sector.

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