Isabel García

Knowledge Area



Computer engineer from the UPC. Executive master's degree in business management from ESADE.


Catalan, Spanish and English

Geographic Scope


BABEL internal project for "hiring women at risk of social exclusion", for software development in collaboration with Barcelona Digital Talent and social and training entities.

Motivational talks to young students, Mentoring, Institutional relationship with BDT including coding and social entities, etc.

She has participated as a speaker on "Equality in the technological field" at Stem Women Congress 2022 and also in an interview for in the Women Approved cycle.


Isabel García has more than 20 years of experience as Business Development Director at International IT Consulting Companies. She is currently Executive Director and partner of BABEL, a company whose 4 main values are “solidarity”, “transparency”, “meritocracy” and “courage”. In addition, she is in charge of managing the Catalonia office as well as the Big Market Operations Directorate in Spain (non-financial Private Sector).

On the other hand, she has carried out several solidarity consultancies through ESADE, helping Foundations such as Fundació Tallers and Catalunya Alzheimer. She is also a member of the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and AECC and collaborates from BABEL, with associations such as Impulsem, Factoria F5, Fundació Esplai and Migracode for the hiring of people at risk of social exclusion in the IT world.

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