María del Rocío Calderón Guillén

Knowledge Area



Higher Industrial Engineer


Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian and German

Geographic Scope

She was an intern promoting the UPC and giving talks at institutes to explain her own experience (she was finishing her degree in Higher Industrial Engineering in Terrassa) and tell them, especially to the girls, that they were perfectly valid to study a science career.


She is a Higher Industrial Engineer and after finishing her degree, she trained in languages and continues studying because it gives her life to update and recycle. She has always studied and worked in places where the staff was made up mostly of men. She has held research, project, logistics, maintenance, purchasing, production and project positions. She is brilliant in operations and masters the master data to enter into the programs to then start operating. She works as an associate professor at the UOC and deals with everything that has to do with packaging: definition of input and output, creation of packaging plans, creation of new packaging, complaints, purchases. Currently she wants to change and leave the automotive industry behind.
Thanks to Aula Magna she had her first contact with working with a full staff of women and despite her initial reluctance, she can now say that joining the Aula Magna PDE was one of the best decisions she has made. Sharing experiences, advising and allowing yourself to be advised by the team was liberating and at the same time surprising, since there are many women who live similar situations at work and the glass ceiling continues to be difficult to break. Her classmates voted her as the president of the 3rd promotion of the PDE.

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