Susana Romero

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QHSE Manager | Digital Solutions Consultant | AEPSAL Board Member | EPSI Board Advisor | HSE Influencer 2021 (Spain & LatAm) | STEM Mentor | Speaker


Spanish, English and French

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11f Initiative Disseminator, steam mentor at INSPIRA STEAM


Chemical Engineer and Master in Occupational Risk Prevention. She is a postgraduate in Quality Management Systems, Environment, Health and Safety and Occupational Wellbeing, with 20 years of experience as an auditor and consultant. Currently she is HSEQ Global Manager at CTAIMA (Spain and Portugal) and works as an EHS consultant on digital transformation and change management projects. She collaborates with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in the Digitalisation and occupational safety and health (OSH) Group as a member of PESI (Spanish Technological Platform for Industrial Safety)

She is general secretary, member of the Board of Directors of AEPSAL (Association of Specialists in Prevention and Occupational Health) and member of MIESES (International Movement of Excellence and Business Health and Sustainability). She is a member of the PRL Working Group – Digital Disconnection of the AEC (Spanish Quality Association) and of the National Commission for the Transport of Dangerous Goods of BEQUINOR (National Association for the Standardization of Capital Goods and Industrial Safety). As a member of the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT), MulleresTech and InspiraSTEAM mentor advises students and entrepreneurs in areas of engineering, technology, health and safety as well as digitalization and change management projects.

Vocational preventionist and passionate about technology, science and communication during 20 years of professional career I have developed my skills in Industrial Safety (automotive, chemical, energy and food industries), Construction Safety Coordination and Preventive Management working in England, Switzerland, France and Spain. An expert in the management of EHS digital transformation projects, in recent years she has focused her work on the development of IT solutions at the service of QEHS management systems and the creation of training itineraries and communication campaigns; She is leading scientific and technological-based projects for public and private entities, nationally and internationally, and advising companies to achieve excellence and continuous improvement, building safe and sustainable work environments.

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