Tamara Carrillo Mateos-Aparicio

Knowledge Area



Telematics and Computer Engineering


English, Spanish and Catalan

Geographic Scope

Valencia, Spain
Her passion for communication and sharing knowledge has led her to participate as a speaker at conferences and round tables, as well as a specialist mentor in technology, softskills and operations, as well as talks at universities, interviews, mentoring, among others.


Higher Computer Engineer, Telematics Engineer, Master in Services Engineering and Web Applications and with a higher degree in Psychology specialized in Mindfulness and Emotional Management.

She is the winner of 3 awards for Academic Excellence, 3 awards for Innovation and Social Impact, and 1 award for Female Leadership.

With more than 13 years of experience in technology, she enjoys working and leading innovative projects and teams in multidisciplinary environments, both on-site and distributed.

Her extensive experience in sectors such as industry, banking and the public sector has allowed her a great capacity to adapt to constantly changing environments.

As a specialist in Operations and Product, she works as an Operations and Product manager as well as responsible for the Leads of the Engineering, Design and Marketing Areas at Onestic.

Defender of humanistic leadership and the importance of diversity in teams, she is a Member of the Board of Directors of The Impact Project Club, a co-creation space dedicated to the personal and professional growth of women in management positions.

In addition, she collaborates as a STEM Expert in the Girls4STEM project, where her main objective is to promote visibility and interest in STEM disciplines among young people, especially among girls.

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