Tatiana Buelvas Baldiris

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Business Management


Spanish, English and German

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PhD thesis on women in leadership positions in STEAM careers
Social researcher with a focus on STEAM


She is a business administrator by profession, with a specialty in Territorial Government and Public Management.

She later studied a Master’s Degree in International Development Cooperation and is currently completing her doctoral studies at the URJC in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.

She is Colombian by origin, but a citizen of the world since she has lived in several European countries.

She has more than 7 years of experience in national-scale social impact projects, CSR and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for companies. She is passionate about gender issues and disruptive sciences, to bridge gaps between science and technology with social use.

Youth Assembly (NYC): she was winner of the award for projects with social impact, PhD International winner of Banco Santander

She is currently the founder of AuthentikU

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