What is being done to motivate female talent in the STEM field in the world?

Gender Calling

Gender Calling is a periodic publication about women and inequalities. Here, women and minorities are on the main stage, giving voice to current and disruptive issues, and underrepresented realities and communities.

It was born in the digital context, as it wants to be where people are. It produces journalism in audio, video, text and crosses different digital platforms, in an innovative way.

It believes that stories have the power to change mentalities, revealing different perspectives, figures with an important journey in the community and bringing unfiltered speeches.

Gender Calling provides rigorous, ethical and creative journalism, independent of political, economic or other powers. Its commitment is exclusively to the public and to promoting freedom of opinion, representation and the search for an end to inequalities, giving voice to the asymmetries present in society.

It is a means of social communication based on the values of diversity, intersectionality, development, inclusion and equitable treatment of all people.


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