Success of the STEM WOMEN CONGRESS in its fifth edition in Barcelona

2023BarcelonaSWC Barcelona 2023

The Esade Campus auditorium in Barcelona was filled yesterday to attend the fifth edition of the STEM WOMEN CONGRESS, a year in which the initiative has also landed in Madrid and Lisbon. This 2023, SWC has consolidated and internationalized. Thus, Barcelona, ​​the city where SWC was born, has once again become the meeting point for companies, initiatives and STEM institutions (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHS, for its acronym in English) that fight to give visibility to the female talent in STEM sectors. In total, more than 700 people attended the event.

During the SWC, the SWC Annual Report 2023 was presented, an annual study that has been prepared for 4 years and that allows us to know the impact of initiatives on women and girls and that reveals significant data. Based on data from the Annual Report, SWC has focused its mission for 2024 on four projects:

  • The “One school, one initiative” project will allow us to reach those schools where no one reaches, expanding the coverage of the action of STEM initiatives and thus causing an increase in new STEM vocations.
  • The “One company, one initiative” project will allow closing the gender GAP in professional environments with two actions. The first will be by generating an offer of services for companies that want to retain their female STEM talent, as well as how to attract female STEM talent from abroad, and the second will be by enhancing the visibility of the initiatives, both within the companies as well as outside them.
  • Development of the Digital Platform that must allow the collection of data from all the initiatives of each country that join this project.

On the other hand, Eva Díaz, CEO of the STEM WOMEN Congress, announced that “based on the analysis of the initiatives and the conclusions of the SWC Annual Report, the SWC has set itself the goal of helping 100% of the schools in Spain , training centers, universities and large companies have a STEM Women initiative in 2050.”

STEM Women Congress Barcelona 2023

STEM Awards, an award that recognizes references

During the contest, the STEM WOMEN 2023 Award was presented, which this year went to María José Lodeiros, a computer scientist, mathematician and passionate about STEM. The jury valued her extensive STEM dissemination work in educational centers, the mentoring with which she has contributed to empowering STEM women, as well as her determination to promote the launch of internal initiatives in search of the promotion of STEM from the companies NTT Data and Accenture.

The STEM TEACHER AWARD, an award that aims to highlight the figure of the teacher and the importance of how it impacts students, went to Susana Tuset for her projects #RoboCor and STEAM + inclusion = ESTIMA, where through learning the students from the Sagrat Cor de Sarrià school uses technology as a tool for inclusion with colleagues with cerebral palsy, from the NADIS SCS Special Education school.

An award that recognizes the work of SWC

Just a week ago, SWC received recognition from the Generalitat of Catalonia, granting it the DONA TIC award in its Leading Business Initiative category at an event held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.

The award affirms the importance of fostering a culture of diversity and equality in the evolving landscape of science and technology. In this sense, Eva Díaz said in her speech that “this award is the impetus to develop the new projects that we have set for 2024 and that encourages us to continue with our expansion mission.” And SWC is about to ensure that in 2024 the STEM WOMEN CONGRESS will be held in 5 cities: Milan, Madrid, Bogotá, Lisbon and Barcelona.”

Personalities of the Institucional world

SWC has the support of Spanish and European institutions. Every year, representatives of the institutions participate personally in the congress. Thus, this year, the closing was led by Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality, who explained the European policies that are being developed at the European level. Mª Eugenia Gay, Second Deputy Mayor for Social Rights, Culture, Education and Life Cycles of Barcelona City Council also participated, saying “the advancement of women is essential for a fair city” and speaking about the importance of generating references for future generations. Finally, Natalia Mas, Minister of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat of Catalonia, closed the event by congratulating the organization and expressing her pride that Catalonia is an ambassador of an initiative like SWC.

Presentan: Cristina Riba y Artur Peguera, periodistas


Joan Rodón, Decano Esade Business School
Mar Porras,
 Global President of STEM Committee & Marketing Manager en Ricoh
Eva Díaz, CEO y fundadora de STEM WOMEN CONGRESS
Liliana Arroyo, Directora General de Societat Digital de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Esther Izquierdo, 
Global President of STEM Ambassadors & Directora de Innovación en ARCbcn
Celiana Carreño, 
Global President of STEM Initiatives & VP de Tecnología y Responsable de Producto Europa en Globant

Esther Izquierdo, 
Global President of STEM Ambassadors & Directora de Innovación en ARCbcn
Celiana Carreño, 
Global President of STEM Initiatives & VP de Tecnología y Responsable de Producto Europa en Globant
Mar Porras, Global President of STEM Committee & Marketing Manager en Ricoh
Susanna Cabos, Global President of SWC Annual Report & Directora de Calidad y Satisfacción del Cliente en Schneider Electric
Clara Lapiedra, Global President of Entrepreneuership & CEO de Aula Magna Business School

Carla Álvarez, SWC Ambassador
Patricia Acebes, SWC Ambassador
Covadonga Rodríguez, SWC Ambassador
Miriam Barajas, SWC Ambassador
Violeta Gibaja, SWC Ambassador

Susanna Cabos, 
Global President of SWC Annual Report & Directora de Calidad y Satisfacción del Cliente en Schneider Electric

10:25 h STEM COMPANY AWARDS Presentación de proyectos
Cecilia Cuadra, Global President of Companies and Partners in STEM area & Jefa de Operaciones de Marketing en Ironhack

Proyecto 1
HP – CodeWars. Decoding STEM young talent
Ana Heredero, 
R&D Software Project Manager
Toni Ramos, Profesor de Matemáticas, Física y Electrotecnia en Colegio Sagrado Corazón
Raquel Álvarez, 
Estudiante de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Datos en la UPC
Lucía Álvarez,
 Estudiante de inteligencia artificial en la UPC

Proyecto 2
GFT – WomenTech
Núria Mir Font, 
Directora Ejecutiva en GFT España y directora del programa WomenTech
Pilar Bello, 
Directora de Formación, Desarrollo profesional y DEI

Proyecto 3
Oracle – Oracle Women Leadership España
Serena Pérez, Principal Account Cloud Engineer
Núria Raventós, Project Director at Oracle Consulting

Proyecto 4
Fundación Capgemini – Flow to the Future
Óscar Codón, Director de la Fundación Capgemini

Proyecto 5
Schneider Electric
Ainoa Irurre, 
Europe Talent Acquisition & Mobility Vice President

Núria Blasco, Directora General de Tepsa
Carmen Mur, Fundadora de Mur&Partners
Natalia Olson,
 Growth Advisor in HumanIT and Advisor en Plug and Play Tech Center
Georgina Comas, CEO adjunta TMCOMAS y cofundadora COMASTECH
Llum Llosa, Vicepresidenta de l’Associació d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya i Presidenta de la Comissió d’Igualtat


12:00 h TALK 1
Joana Barbany, 
Directora de Desarrollo de Negocios Tecnológicos en Michael Page

12:15 h TALK 2
María Viader, CISO & DPO en Volkswagen Group España Distribución

12:30 h TALK 3
Hakima Zara Yahi, 
Fundadora y CEO en Global Science Transfer

12:45 h TALK 4
Fabiola Cavaliere, 
Ingeniera de simulación estructural de inteligencia artificial en SEAT

13:00 h TALK 5
Alba Buendía, 
Especialista en Tecnología en Nestlé Global IT Hub

Susanna Carmona, 
Directora General de La Mútua dels Enginyers
Carme Pellicero, 
Directora General de  Quantion
Rebeca Marín, Directora de Personas y Organización de Aigües de Barcelona
Sara Rodríguez, Gerente de Sostenibilidad del Grupo Abertis
Susana Pastor, Directora del Global IT Barcelona Hub de Nestlé
Maria Gregori, Gerente de Innovación Tecnológica de Caixabank Tech
Patricia Pimienta, Iberian Home & Distribution Vicepresident de Schneider Electric
Pere Oteo, Chief People Organisation de CELSA Group


Presenta: Ruth Gumbau, periodista

Elsa Giménez, 
Global President of Schools & CEO KitCo For Personal Development​​
WowPlayExperience – Mi primer circuito eléctrico
Carlota Pascual, 

Lectura del acta:
Carol Romay,
 Leader of Global Volunteers Spain Chapter in STEM WOMEN Network & Consultora Freelance
Entrega el premio:
Robert Miralles, General Manager at ITnow


15:45 h Talk 1
Mireia Hernán,
 Presidenta Club Dones Politècniques de la UPC Alumni

16:00 h Talk 2
Lorena Sánchez, 
Responsable de la Escuela de aprendices SEAT
Marisa Dameá, Automatización y Robótica Industrial
Carolina López, Mecatrónica industrial
Itziar Borràs, Automoción

16:20 h Talk 3
Margie Cabanas, Cofundadora & CMO de Qualitahub
Paulina Petit, Estudiante del Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technologies and Economic Analysis (interuniversity UPC-UPF degree)

16:35 h Talk 4
Carmen Cabanillas, Subdirectora General de Gobernanza de los Registros en Dirección General de Gobernanza Pública y Presidenta de ASTIC

16:50 h Talk 5
Judit Garcia, 
Directora de Recursos Humanos de TMB
Natàlia Bigas, 
Directora de Infraestructuras de Bus
Anna Anducas, 
Estudiante en prácticas de TMB
Cristina Gil, 
Estudiante en prácticas de TMB

17:05 h Talk 6
Belen Jodar, COO de Hiberus Media Labs

Carol Romay, 
Leader of Global Volunteers Spain Chapter in STEM WOMEN Network & Consultora Freelance
Mercedes Wullich, 
Presidenta de las Top 100 Mujeres Líderes en España

Mar Porras, 
Global President of STEM Committee & Marketing Manager en Ricoh
Ramón Martín, CEO de Ricoh
Fernando Matzkin, Director de Negocios/GM para Europa de Globant
Josep Ramón Ferrer, Director de Ventas del Sector Público de Italtel

18:00 h SWC: THE PITCH
Clara Lapiedra, 
Global President of Entrepreneuership & CEO de Aula Magna Business School

Sandra Rams, Socia directora y cofundadora de Seven Roots VC
Marta Villaseca, CEO & Cofundadora de Ebisu Digital VC

Presentación de proyectos:
Laura Inés Fernandez – Bein Mindset
Florencia Martínez – HDR
Carla Maté
 – D-Sight
Silvia Mogas – BMB Web3
Carlota Pascual – WowPlay
María Seoane – Sistema THEAD

19:00 h CLAUSURA
Helena Dali, 
Comisaria Europea de Igualdad
Mª Eugenia Gay, Segunda Teniente de Alcalde de Derechos Sociales, Cultura, Educación y Ciclos de Vida del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
Hble. Sra. Natàlia Mas, Consejera de Economía y Hacienda de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Susanna Carmona

Directora General
La Mútua dels Enginyers

Hellena Dalli

Comisaria Europea de Igualdad

Llum Llosa

Vicepresidenta / Presidenta de la Comissió d’Igualtat
Associació d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya

Carmen Mur


Rebeca Marín

Directora de Personas y Organización
Aigües de Barcelona

Cristina Riba


Artur Peguera


Fabiola Cavaliere

Ingeniera de simulación estructural de inteligencia artificial

Sara Rodríguez

Manager de Sostenibilidad
Grupo Abertis

Alba Buendía

Especialista en Tecnología
Global IT Hub de Nestlé