The SWC fills the CosmoCaixa auditorium in Barcelona to reivindicate the female presence in the fields of STEM

2022BarcelonaSWC Barcelona 2022

Throughout today, the fourth edition of the STEM Women Congress (SWC), the women’s empowerment congress in the technological world, took place. From 9 in the morning until 8 at night, the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona has been filled with demands to break the gender gap in the STEM sectors (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The event has hosted prominent personalities from the STEM field and internationally renowned companies. At the same time, the conclusions of the third Annual Report have been presented, a study that analyzes the STEM initiatives carried out during 2021, and the STEM Awards have been presented to projects that break inequality and gender stereotypes in the world. sector.

STEM Women Congress 2022

High level content

A technology that allows people with spinal cord injuries to regain movement in a single day; a fabric made from pineapple leaves as a sustainable alternative to leather; or what public transport will be like in the future are some of the TALKS that have been part of the program with more than 65 luxury speakers. The conference has also had a live connection with schools across the state to give visibility to STEM initiatives, a pitch by STEM entrepreneurs with a live jury.

Among this year’s TALKS, “Science in motion” stood out with Grégoire Courtine, director of NeuroRestore (EPFL and CHUV) Chief Scientific Officer, and Jocelyne Bloch, chief neurosurgeon of the Stereotactic and Functional Unit of the CHUB Lausanne University Hospital; and “PINNAPLE FOR FASHION” by Carmen Hijosa, founder and creative and innovation director of Ananas Anam Ltd and finalist in the European Inventor Award in 2021.

In total there have been 65 speakers, from 5 different continents, including Natalia Olson, Global Ambassador Spain & Portugal for the Silicon Valley Forum; Eva Gallardo, president of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society; or Hellena Dali herself, Commissioner of Equality of European Union.

An inclusive parade brought the public to its feet when models from the Arnelia World agency paraded with products made with Piñatex, a fabric made from pineapple leaves.

Third edition of the Annual Report

One of the most anticipated moments has been the presentation of the Annual Report, the STEM Women report prepared from a questionnaire distributed to all the STEM Women initiatives that have been detected throughout the Spanish state and have wanted to participate voluntarily. The objective of the report is to know the impacts generated by the initiatives, the degree to which the initiatives impact the Spanish population, the age groups, as well as the territories where they impact. The source of financing is also analyzed, as well as the type of activity being carried out.

Different conclusions have been drawn from the study, among them that 67% of the initiatives receive support from a company, and only 23% come from an exclusively public funding source. Although this value is increasing slightly year after year, the need for financing for programs and projects that affect the STEM educational field is confirmed. More companies and institutions are needed that are committed to a diverse and inclusive world, where women share responsibilities in STEM areas.

The report reveals that, even if 100% of the population of girls in Spain who are currently in the age group 0 to 16 opt for a STEM career, we will never be able to reach 50/50 female presence in the STEM sector. in 2050 for two fundamental reasons: the first is that the birth rate decreases year after year. The global birth rate is 2.3 births per woman and it is estimated that by 2050 it will have decreased to 2.1. And, secondly, according to UNESCO data from 2018, in 2050 75% of jobs will be in the STEM sector, which will exponentially magnify the current gender gap if we do nothing. The current gap is so large that, if we also add these two previous factors, we will never achieve it, especially if we do not transform the current model. This is why it is so important to amplify the coverage and impact of initiatives and programs that strive to increase the presence of women in STEM.

Eva Díaz, CEO of the STEM WOMEN Congress, has announced that “based on the analysis of the initiatives and conclusions, the SWC has set itself the goal of helping 100% of schools, training centers, universities and large companies have a STEM Women initiative in 2050.”

STEM AWARDS, recognition of good practices

For the third consecutive year, the SWC Awards have been presented, the awards that want to highlight the good practices of companies and institutions to attract, maintain and motivate STEM WOMEN talent in organizations.

These awards are aimed at companies, start-ups, foundations, and public entities that have developed, within their company, projects that help break the gender gap that exists in STEM fields, as well as boost interest in STEM among the youngest.

It was the same public who voted live for the different projects nominated for best business practice, with Bureau Veritas winning in first place, IBM in second place and TMB in third place.

The STEM TEACHER AWARD went to Noelia Cava, coordinator of Learning Technology and STEAM ICT at Colegio Internacional SEK-Santa Isabel, the STEM WOMEN AWARD went to Eva Blanco, Public Affairs Manager at HP and the SWC WOMPRENEUR AWARD entrepreneurship award went to Eva Colàs took it for the gynecological project; “Mimark: transforming diagnosis”

Personalities from the institutional world, present at the event

Every year the congress adds sensitivity and more personalities from the world of politics support the project. In this new edition, we were accompanied at the opening of the congress by Laia Bonet, Deputy Mayor of the Agenda2030 of the Barcelona City Council and Helena Dalli, Commissioner of Equality of. In the digital sector female talent block, the Secretary of Digital Policies of the Generalitat, Gina Tost, participated and the closing was carried out by the very Honorable President of the Generalitat, Mr. Pere Aragonés.

Presenta: Cristina Riba y Francesc Soler, periodistas

9:35 h Inauguration
Eva Díaz, CEO SWC​
9:40 h Inauguration
Laia Bonet, Teniente de Alcaldía de la Agenda 2030 Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
9:45 h 
Helena DalliCommissioner of Equality of EU

Eva Blanco, Public Affairs Manager in HP

Joana Barbany, Consultant and expert advisor on Technology 
Eva Gallardo,
 Presidenta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española
Mireia Furriol, Engineer, Consultant, Speaker
Mª José Lodeiros, Associate Manager Accenture
Cristina Rey, fundadora de Milbrait, SWC Ambassador Galicia
Mª Luz Guenaga, Head of Deusto LearningLab
Quim Daura, Vicepresidente Clúster de la Energía Eficiente de Cataluña
Miriam Barajas, Solutions Analyst, SWC Ambassador Madrid
Narcís Armengol, decano del Col·legi d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya
Maria Salamero, presidenta de la Associació d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya
Anna Sánchez, Vicepresidenta y socia fundadora en iTimes Advisers
Aïda Espinet, Consultora e ingeniera acústica
Fátima Sahar, iOS App Developer en Basetis
Lola Peláez, Doctora TIC del Hospital Universitario de Jaén, Junta de Andalucía – Delegada andaluza de Ingenieras en Red – Embajadora SWC Andalucía
Carmen Mur, fundadora Mur&Partners
CEIP Les Parellades, Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona)

10:30 h STEM COMPANY AWARDS Presentación de Proyectos
Proyecto 1
Lluís Soler, 
HR director in Bureau Veritas
Mariola Martín, Business Line Manager área Construcción Bureau Veritas
Proyecto 2
Judit García, 
Directora de Recursos Humanos Área de Organización y Personas en TMB

Proyecto 3
Luis Sanz, 
Partner – FSS Sector Leader IBM
Ingrid Rojas Suarez, 
Associate Partner – Sector Público, IBM Consulting

11:00 h TALK 1 The labor market for STEM women
Eli Abad, 
Empresaria – Consejera – Empoderando Mujeres – BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY
11:15 h TALKS 2
Tatiana Gottlib, Director, TPS Dynatrace
11:15 h TALKS 3 Walk again
Grégoire Courtine, 
Director, NeuroRestore (EPFL and CHUV) Chief Scientific Officer
Jocelyne Bloch, Neurosurgeon Head of stereotactic and functional unit CHUV Lausanne University hospital


12:00 h TALK4 Circular Economy
Carmen Hijosa, 
Founder and Chief Creative and Innovation Officer at Ananas Anam Ltd
12:15 h TALK5 How the STEM can change your life: ReinventaTech
Mª Ángeles Fernández, Risk Management Senior Director Europe & Middle East at Oracle
Alejandra Gilabert, 
Consultora de Análisis de Negocio Quistor
Raquel Moreno, Especialista en Eloqua/Marketing Digital CGI
12:30 h TALK 6 Ciencia Ciudadana. Nuestros datos, un propósito compartido
Daniela Salvitti, 
General Manager at Ideas for Change

Teresa Rodon, Directora Comercial Bureau Veritas España y Portugal​
Paula Cortizo Martin, RME Manager in AMAZON
Anna Casals, RDi Manager CELSA Spain & France
Rebeca Marín, Directora de Personas y Organización en Aigües de Barcelona
Anna Moreu, EMEA Tech Consulting Resource Management Director in ORACLE
Anabel Andión, Area Manager at SEAT
Lourdes Mercadal, Directora de Centers of Excellence CaixaBank Tech

Lectura del acta

Susanna Carmona, 
Directora Mútua dels Enginyers
Entrega de premios
Sandra Uve, Ilustradora y divulgadora científica
Carmen Mur, fundadora Mur&Partners
Natalia Olson, Director of Government Partnerships


Presenta: Ruth Gumbau

Susanna Cabos, Directora e impulsora del Ámbito de Inspiración del SWC / Customer Satisfaction & Quality Director Schneider Electric
Elsa Giménez, Coordinadora del Ámbito de Inspiración del SWC / Founder of KitCo
Esther Izquierdo, Coordinadora del Ámbito de Inspiración del SWC / Director of Energy & Sustanaibility Consultancy ARCbcn

15:05 h Iniciativa: ENGINY-ERA
Sílvia Planella, Fundadora y directora de ENGINY-ERA
Marc Francisco Masdéu, Enginy-ERA
15:15 h Iniciativa: Inspira STEAM
Maria Luz Guenaga, Responsable del Proyecto Inspira STEAM
Marta Molina Cascales, Soluciones Conversacionales | Asistentes Virtuales | Chatbots
15:25 h Iniciativa SEAT
Ángel Suárez,Gerente Física del vehículo en Centro Técnico de SEAT
María García Navas, Responsable prestaciones, aerodinámica y estrategia CO2 en Centro Técnico de SEAT

Lectura del acta
Susanna Carmona, 
Directora Mútua dels Enginyers
Entrega del premio

16:00 h TALK
Georgina Comas, 
CEO de TM COMAS, Cofundadora de Comastech Centre Politècnic Comas i Vicepresidenta de la Fundació Comas
Fabian Mohedano, President executiu de l’Agència FPCAT
16:15 h TALK
Marta Casasayas, 
Apprenticeship Program Manager en AMAZON
Mari Carmen Gómez García, Automatización y Robótica Industrial
16:30 h TALK
Crystina Moreno, 
Directora de Delivery en CaixaBank Tech

16:45 h  To Be a STEM Woman
Mar Porras, Directora e impulsora del Ámbito de Carrera Profesional del SWC / Marketing Manager Ricoh
Cecilia Cuadra, Coordinadora del Ámbito de Carrera Profesional del SWC / Head Of Marketing Operations Ironhack

Claudine Jabea Mpah,
Telecommunications Engineer|BI & Big Data developer
Lola Peláez, 
Doctora TIC del Hospital Universitario de Jaén, Junta de Andalucía – Delegada andaluza de Ingenieras en Red – Embajadora SWC Andalucía
Lijia Cai, Global Product Marketing Manager Quorum Software
Isabella Karabasz, Skilled Data Scientist at GFT Group

Lectura del acta
Mar Porras, Directora e impulsora del Ámbito de Carrera Profesional del SWC / Marketing Manager Ricoh
Entrega del premio
Llum Llosa, 
vicepresidenta 2a de la Associació d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya y vicepresidenta de la Comisión de Equidad, Tecnología y Futuro

18:00 h El talento de las mujeres en la era digital
Gina Tost, 
Secretària de Polítiques Digitals de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Clara Lapiedra, 
Directora e impulsora del Ámbito de Emprendimiento del SWC / CEO & Founder Aula Magna Business School & Wompreneur
Carol Romay, 
Coordinadora del Ámbito de Emprendimiento del SWC / Consultora proyectos innovación y desarrollo

Meritxell Bautista, 
Cofundadora de Fibracat y Presidenta de Fibracat TV
Cristina Aranda, Cofounder de MujeresTech y Co-founder & Chief Business Developoment Officer en Big Onion
Clara Lapiedra, Directora e impulsora del Ámbito de Emprendimiento del SWC / CEO & Founder Aula Magna Business School & Wompreneur

Presentación de proyectos:
Mónica Fernández – Wedid Ventures
Elena Losantos – Identify – Enjoy Culture
Mercedes Martínez – dothegap, let’s exchange experiences!
Anna Goixens – TechMujer
Irene Toro – Jiku Studio
Eva Colás – MIMARK: transformando el diagnóstico ginecológico
Daniela Tost – De la academia a la empresa. El caso : Virmedex Virtual Experiences S.L.
Cristina Corchero – Bamboo Energy
Nuria Antolí – Nura Frames by Nura Technology

Lectura del acta
Susanna Carmona, Directora Mútua dels Enginyers
Entrega del premio
Eli Abad, 
Empresaria – Consejera – Empoderando Mujeres – BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY
Carla Antúnez,
 People Director in BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY
Judit López, 
CSR & Culture People Partner in BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY

19:30 h CLAUSURA
M.Hble. Sr. Pere Aragonès i Garcia, President de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Francesc Soler

Journalist and writer

Núria Salán

President at Catalan Society of Technology and Coordinator of the Gender Program of the UPC

Meritxell Bautista

Cofundadora de Fibracat y Presidenta de Fibracat TV

Mª José Lodeiros

Associate Manager

Mireia Furriol

Engineer, Consultant, Speaker

Eva Gallardo

Presidenta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española

Laia Bonet

Teniente de Alcaldía de la Agenda 2030
Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Jocelyne Bloch

Neurosurgeon Head of stereotactic and functional unit CHUV Lausanne University Hospital

Gregoire Courtine

Director, NeuroRestore (EPFL and CHUV) Chief Scientific Officer

Claudine Jabea Mpah

Telecommunications Engineer|BI Developper